Coriandolo is the core device of the platform. It’s main board incorporates the logic required for the collection of the information coming from the sensors, send it to a gateway and communicate the actions to apply to the actuators. The gateway takes care of building the database based on the information got from the Devices and to send the actions to apply to the actuators. The web interface shows the data and it elaborates the decisions based on the rules defined by The User.



The communication modules of the main board are interchangable, the available boards are a Low Power RF module or a more independent wifi device.

The shields are modular boards to be plugget on top of the main board containing the sensors and the actuators required by the application. The default shield board include the following sensors: temperature, humidity, light, acceleration, pollution detectors and an rgb led as actuator.

Multiple shield board an their firmware are under development and will be available soon on our web site.