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Easy firmware development and update

The User can develop his firmware by an Arduino-like IDE and program the main board by an USB port

Simple drag and drop interface ifTTT rules and data analysis

Simple drag and drop interface ifTTT rules and data analysis A simple utility inside the web interface allow to define if-this-then-that rules based on the data aquired from the sensors and make actions on the actuators or directly on the web application.  The rules are rapresented by block diagrams.

Ultra low power wireless network

Each devices are designed by using the most state-of-the-art ultra low power components. The communication between gateway and devices is developed in order to make the power consumption as lower as possible. The devices are powered by a Li-ion battery rechargable by usb.

Versatile shield board – sensor and actuators ready to use

Coriandolo is the core device of the platform. It's main board incorporates the logic required for the collection of the information coming from the sensors, send it to a gateway and communicate the actions to apply to the actuators. The gateway takes care of building the database based on the information got from the Devices [...]